The Vineyard

The company owns almost 24 hectares of land, 13 of which are vineyard, the rest cultivated with olives and vegetables.

The company started with 10 hectares and then slowly expanded. In the future, the aim is to continue to expand. 

The ground is made of clay and chalk. The altitude ranges from 450 m for the vineyard to 650 m for the olive fields.
Those fields are located in San Donato Valcomino and are made with three varieties that are typical of the area: Leccino, Pendolino and La Marina.

The vineyard is located in Alvito and it produces wine authorized by the D.O.C (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot) and also other red grapes such as Cesanese and Shiraz. More recently some varieties of white grapes have been planted such as the MATURANO.

The value of the wines stems from a number of factors: the high density of the plantation (5500 stumps per hectar), the green pruning, the selection and thinning out of the bunches of grapes and the exclusive manual work techniques employed insure the making of great quality wines.