Our company Cominium was founded in 1999 just after the D.O.C. Atina was born.
Peppe Pinto, an entrepreneur, and Angelo Cosenza, a doctor and professor, bought the first piece of land to produce wine in Alvito, near Frosinone, in a region known as Ciociaria.
They shared a passion for the nature and a belief that agriculture represents the essence of life.

The area they chose had a long tradition of wine making, dating from the XIX Century. At that time, Pasquale Visocchi, an agronomist and Minister of Agriculture, imported from France three varieties of classic Bordeaux grapevine: CABERNET SAUVIGNON,CABERNET FRANC and MERLOT.

A few years ago Armando, the youngest son of Peppe, took over management of the company together with his sister Maria, the second daughter of Peppe, married to Angelo Cosenza. Armando is an agronomist and oenologist and takes care of those areas for Cominium. He graduated in Economics in 2004 and undertook a Masters of Wine in Florence, then worked for the most prestigious wine makers in Italy and abroad.
Maria, who graduated in Economics in 1999, belongs to the female association of wine producers “Donne del Vino”. She mainly takes care of Marketing and P.R. for the company.

The winery is a fundamental part of our lives. We wish to live in accordance with fundamental values of family, friendship, respect and determination.